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A truly inspired live wallpaper for Star Trek fans. The Trek Subspace Star Comm live wallpaper is looks absolutely vibrant. The stars glow through the blue subspace background and the emblem will rotate with your device as you turn it creating an amazing effect. For the best experience please read the setup tips below. This live wallpaper is for all those enthusiastic Star Trek and sci-fi fans who want a new kind of experience that expresses their passion without a heavy load on the device. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is the tenth part of the the Display Live series so you know this is going to look great on your device(s) and you'll have the best possible support available if you have any questions, suggestions, or need assistance!Tap email the developer.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------**SETUP TIPS**For the best experience you should set your homescreen rotation to limited or off and be using custom launcher. See here for recommended settings Please contact the developer if you're not sure what this means. Simply go into your launcher settings and set your home screen rotation to limited or portrait.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please remember to rate and review! Thanks!!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ATTRIBUTIONS AND LEGAL:Many thanks go to all the important people who contributed to the inspiration for this live wallpaper. attributions and legal can be located here